What my students say:

Hi Vlad, I wanted to thank you for your determination and dedication in improving Josh’s pre-algebra marks. He started out the year disliking math, but with your help is now looking forward to next year. Thank you!


Vlad’s teaching was impeccable. I’ve always had troubles with math, but I don’t anymore due to his fantastic services.


Vlad broke down calculus in a way that was easy to digest and understand. He would start from the absolute basics and move to more complicated things slowly to make sure I understood every step of the process. He is unlike any other tutor I’ve ever had before. Now, I like calculus because of him.


I am really glad I found Vlad’s virtual tutoring academy. I’ve tried multiple tutors before and was not satisfied with any of them. I heard of Vlad’s services through a friend who had nothing but good things to say about Vlad. I was shocked at how crystal clear his explanations were. I wish I knew of his services before finishing high school.


Great services, great math teacher, and an awesome person.


Vlad has changed my perspective on math. I now enjoy it because I am confident with tackling the problems on my exams. I received my first mark over 90 and I have Vlad to thank for it.


Vlad, we want to tell you how much we appreciate what you have done for Natalie. Her marks are much higher now and she is happy to be studying math. Thank you so much.

-Ina and David

I found out about Vlad’s services through a friend before starting grade 11 math. I was told grade 11 math was going to be very difficult and I was really nervous. So, I decided to register for Vlad’s grade 11 support course ahead of time. Vlad guided me through the course and believed in me. He answered all my questions, assigned homework, and went above and beyond in explaining the material to me. I finished grade 11 math with a 93. Thank you Vlad!


Vlad’s virtual tutoring services are one of a kind. I can’t recommend it enough.


If there’s one good and reliable service out there, it’s vlad’s tutoring academy. He won’t let you down.


Vlad’s email answers are very concise. You can tell he loves teaching from the way he answers my questions. You won’t get this kind of support anywhere else.


What a difference Vlad’s support services have made. Math is a frightening subject, but it doesn’t have to be that way when you have Vlad on your side! It’s nice to know there’s a professional you can email when you don’t understand a math problem or question in class.


Simply amazing. I will re-subscribe to Vlad’s services next year. The scholarship that I’ll get to University will be more than worth the price.


I was a little hesitant registering for Vlad’s email services. I didn’t really think it would help much. But boy was I wrong. The amount of support offered was beyond my expectations. Highly recommend!


Vlad really does care for his students and his teaching abilities are amazing. He even emailed me a day after my test asking how it went. If that doesn’t show he cares, I don’t know what is.


I heard of Vlad’s email support through a friend. I subscribed and never looked back. The support he offers is priceless. I don’t know how I would pass math without his email support.


Vlad loves teaching. He has been my math tutor for 4 years and his personality and teaching capabilities make math easy to understand.


My grade 10 teacher never had time for questions from students and his classes were often disorganized. Vlad helped to declutter my teacher’s disorganization through his email services and now math is enjoyable again. Thank you!


Vlad won’t let you down. He responds quickly to email questions and answers any follow-up questions as well. I recommended him to all my friends who wished to improve their math marks like I did.


Vlad is almost like a magician. He makes math so enjoyable that I sometimes question how I could not like it before. His email services were of tremendous help and the small support messages he throws in at the end of his emails boost your confidence that much more.


If we had more Vlad’s in this world, I don’t think anyone would struggle with math. His explanations are clear and they take you step by step to the solution. His email support offers better explanations than my math textbook does. Will be using Vlad for any future questions I have.


Great email math support! Will register again for next year.


Vlad offers concise explanations in his emails. Although his explanations can get a little lengthy, he really just wants to make sure you understand every step of the process. He actively seeks feedback and so when I asked him to shorten his explanations he gladly did so.


I did not think I could like math. But Vlad changed that. I was worried about passing but through his support and hard-work I was able to receive an 84.